International Relations: Korean reunification

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about the two Koreas, and he was adamant that North Korea would eventually transition to democracy and the two Koreas would unite. I asked some family members what they thought, and they believed that the Kim regime would eventually fall and the two Koreas would... Continue Reading →


 OSINT is great, but it can’t do everything

The rapid expansion of social media, technology and increasing ease with which people can now access the internet has transformed contemporary society. From an intelligence perspective, these developments have opened a gold mine of information for analysts from which to draw upon in their analysis of developments on a wide range of security issues –... Continue Reading →

Thrifty hacks: The Mindset

From my experience saving money comes from a particular mindset which you need to develop. It's about looking out for opportunities to change behaviours which will help you save and make money and being willing to do what it takes. This over time develops in to habits which allow your savings account balance to increase.... Continue Reading →

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