Why did you name your blog the ‘The Thrifty Spy’?

You may be wondering why i named my blog ‘The Thrifty Spy’.

Simple really, my MA course here in London is in intelligence, and the only way i got here was by being thrifty. Obviously, i’m no James Bond and won’t be owning an Aston Martin anytime soon but i like to think i’m pretty thrifty (If you don’t know, thrifty=careful with money).

To get here i saved  $55k+ in 12 months, and with the help of a little event called Brexit it has been enough to pay my tuition and living costs (including travelling). Working a $65k full-time job, leeching off my parents by living at home and doing after hours exam invigilation for a couple of a months a year i was able to pay of my Uni debt and save enough to get here – and i did all of this without fancy investment strategies and products as i needed liquid cash for what i wanted to do.

My point is not to show off, but to highlight that for young people who are willing and able to stay with your parents for a year or two after you finish Uni, and are happy to sacrifice a little (not a lot) that you can go a long way to saving the money you need for your goals. Whether your goal is to save for a house, pay off your uni debt or to save for an epic holiday. I also wanted to share this to build a bit of credibility, as some of what i plan to write about in this blog is ways of thinking and tips to save money in everyday life. In no way am i claiming to be an expert, but i am really happy with what i have been able to do with what i have saved and if my experience can help others in financing their goals then i’ll be a happy man.




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