International Student life in London: Settling in and getting started

So for the second post in the series on student life in the UK, i’ll be sharing three things i learned from my experience of getting myself set up and ready for my year in London.

Now a bit of context – I live in a student accommodation flat owned by the University i am studying at, so of course the usefulness of my experience to you personally will differ depending on your situation. Most London Universities will put you (post-grads) in a studio or a single-bedroom flat by yourself if you apply for their student accommodation – both of which you will need to kit out once you get here.

First tip – get yourself to a local Poundland. Find a good one and you’ll go a long way to getting what you need to get the kitchen basics sorted. Plates, bowls, cutlery, pots etc. you name it they probably have it! If you’re a post-grad student and are only in London for a year there is no point paying a heap for plates and the like – from my experience the quality is pretty good for what you pay and should easily last a year if you take some care of it

Second – check out Argos for your more sophisticated items i.e. kettles, hair dryers etc. Argos doesn’t really have an equivalent in Australia – basically you order online and pick it up in store. They have a physical shop, but you can’t order at the counter – everything goes via their website. Obviously, Argos isn’t as cheap as Poundland, but it is much cheaper than the high street retailers which sell similar products for a much higher price

Third – its not really a money saving one, but will relieve some stress. If your accommodation provider lets you arrive earlier (and you can afford one more week of accommodation) than advertised – do it! I say this because, in addition to your University there are about another twenty universities just in London, with literally thousands of other students looking for exactly the same things as you! If you can get to London a week or so before the rush in mid-September you should have a pretty good chance at getting what you’re after.

So thats it for this post! Hope you find these useful.




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